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CLS 2015 Session Notes: CLSx Lite

CLSx Lite Session
3:30pm on Day 2

Attendees: @jonobacon, @vanriper, @mpaul119


  • What about the #cmgrmeal approach with monthly meetups over a
    breakfast/lunch/dinner on a regular basis?
  • Jono would like to explore setting up official CLS meetups for local
  • In terms of meetup organizer subscription costs, look into
    relationships with past CLS sponsors interested in sponsoring local
  • Promoting CLSx events, can we have an opt-in way for CLS attendees to
    receive announcements about upcoming CLSx activities directly in
    their email inbox.
  • Even lighter would be to just commit to organize one meal meetup for
    your city shortly after CLS 2015 and see if that goes anywhere.

Action Items:

  • Jono/Van/Dave to organize a CLSWest one within 2 months after CLS
    2015 using hashtag: #clsmeetup
  • Announce this at closing feedback session for CLS 2015 and invite others to do the same.
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