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CLS 2015 session notes: Creating a New Community

Joining Foundations/Groups

  • Apache Software Foundation
  • Form a foundation
  • Causes you to meet standards, fit into a community of communities
  • Gets more people involved in the discussion
  • Offers resilience – project can be owned by someone else, even though the base code is owned by the same foundation


  • Hackathons/Meetups
  • Handling Technical Debt
    • endemic in closed source software

Problems with new contribus/users

  • getting people started
    • “Eight Way to Contribute to Open Source Tech Without Writing Code”
      finding information
  • Things to create
    • creating spaces for them to talk
    • awareness
    • outreach
    • drawing in resources
    • updating on information
    • fostering ecosystem
    • an awesome product
  • Things they need
    • accessible people not being content experts
    • something of interest with/to group/users/community
    • Understanding of “community/open source”
      • leads to things being done incorrectly
  • Problems we face
    • not having a lot of money
    • no influence
    • It’s easy to get lost in helping one person
    • getting other people in your company involved/caring/aware


  • Fundamental strategy/message
  • Having interest
  • Lower the bar to entry
    • make stuff up
    • centralize documentation
  • Everything has to be coached in risk
    • people respond to risk
    • what creates it, and what prevents it
  • build/find reference models
    • “How $thisgroup did it.”
  • build reference customers
  • relationship management
  • identify who you want to be around, what they need
  • to be authentic, you need ongoing relationships
  • maintain knowledge that you are still working towards your own goals
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