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CLS 2015 session notes: How do we capture the history of free software

Topic: How do we capture the history of free software
Session leader: Bradley Kun

Some sub-topics:
What are some of the topics / history
Slcak vs IRC
Git vs BitKeeper

Is wikipedia the right way to do this?

  • Academics can’t/won’t source wikipedia

Is the right solution a book?
A book could be a collection or different writers / story collections

Do we need to consider a different medium for the next generation to consume?

Can Opensource.com do a series on the history of free software?
Who was in the room? What was the meeting about.
Bruce perens
Stallman (RMS)

AT&T Berkley lawsuit

What are the watershed moments that future generations can learn from - litmus test, when Bradley gets emotional, we should write it down.

Other stories are captivating and interesting.

People want to pretend that decisions are based on technical merit, but it’s mostly political, then backed-filled with technical merit.

can we start by finding some of the stories that are written down

oral history of free software

free software history week

would the Internet archive be interested in this?

StoryCore - idea


  • Bradley send / document a the list of topics for Opensource.com and interested topics to consider
  • Jason: to check resources / interest from OSDC team
  • Bradley to start adding history to his podcast
  • Deb to look into having a write-athon with future events

Develop standard questions:

  • who else should we ask
  • what other events should we document?
  • vi or emacs and why?

Documentaries to watch

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