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CLS 2015 session notes: Open leadership and #TheOpenOrg

Topic: Open leadership & open management #TheOpenOrg
Session leader: Jason Hibbets

10 attendees


  • One attendee is in a project where they aren’t well organized and it’s hard to get work done
  • For GNU project - not very clear leadership, but it’s maintainers leading the direction; they do have the board
  • Decision making in OSS (open source software) is not a zero-sum game --> many people joining OSS projects might default to a consensus-base when in fact many are not
  • Open source (orgs) can mean anything from single decisions makers to

What types of org models are out there:

  • Benevolent dictator
  • community-based
  • consensus-based
  • committee-based

Themes we talked about

  • Reputation
  • Being authentic
  • Open decision-making
  • Storytelling
  • Culture
  • Corporate culture that the person is coming in from…been in a business environment and going into an open source culture

One thing to share:

  • The right kind of transparency and authenticity
  • Guarding your culture, but be open to new ideas
  • Having a vision that is measurable for good leadership
  • Good leaders admit limitations
  • Connection to stories
  • Be lean: be willing to try new stuff but measure


  • share one item/tip (see above)
  • read the first chapter (handout from session)
  • lunch/meeting tomorrow to continue the discussion
  • go to Opensource.com/open-organization for stories or to contribute
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