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CLS 2015: Tips for moderating a great session

Tips for running a great session at the community :

  • Quick introductions - focus on session purpose
  • Keep on track - OK to say “we’re getting off track”
  • Focus on outcomes - at 15 minute mark, collect your outcomes
  • Be inclusive – encourage input and ideas
  • Take notes – share your notes online
  • Diversity – we are a diverse audience (don’t assume too much)
  • Trigger warning – if something is likely to trigger PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), point it out
  • Promote your session spread the word (send out a few Tweets)
  • Experiment - try new ideas and topics

Details on taking notes:

  • Use an Etherpad to take collaborative notes so the note-taking doesn’t fall on one person
  • Then post your notes in the Community Leadership Discource forum with the category of CLS 2015 Notes

How to use Etherpad:

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