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CLS 2016 notes: The old open source vs the new

Define the problem: Is there a growing concern around this new wave of open source projects that are defaulting to creating their code with GitHub and Slack as opposed to the more traditional means with code repository, versioning, mailing lists, IRC.

Main topics: licensing, contribution, governance.

Apache foundation: focus on creating communities who are maintaining projects for the long-term, not the short pieces of code.

Common thread is the contributor / user experience – it’s different for every project.

OSI: Open source is a licensing tool for free software; different then the open development process.

There are things that have been done the open source way, but an open source license doesn’t dictate how open software should be developed; Open has taken off and different projects are using different ways to accomplish the same result.

Main driver for the “new” type of user is the efficiency of tools; they don’t care about traditional arguments, i.e. which license should we use, free vs open; etc.

The definition of “project” has changed.

Should we consider naming / branding / socialize the word Public Software (is there a better word) to refer to the software that is saying it’s open source, but it’s not.

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