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CLS Attendees - Share your face!

Hi All,

In the interests of knowing who is who at this year’s CLS, I would like to recommend we all post a photo of ourselves to show what we look like. This will make meeting new folks easier.

If you would prefer to not do this, no problem!

I will kick things off. This is my ugly mug:


Hey @jonobacon, you’ve matured a bit since your profile photo! :baby:

See everyone on Friday.


That’s me!

I like that Firefox sticker :wink:

I <3 Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox OS … I am currently managing a meetup about Firefox OS in Madrid :wink:

Italo Vignoli, old grumpy Italian, picture is a wild improvement over the reality

Changed glasses recently, but that’s pretty much it. :smile:

Bruce Caron, at last week’s ESIP Federation meeting.

Me, live and local. I wear glasses from time to time, too. See you soon!

Hi, I’m Jade. My hair is longer, and half of it is purple, but otherwise, I’m the same. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Aaron, relative local (live in Oregon City currently), co-founder of Snowdrift.coop. Look forward to meeting new folks and seeing people again who I met last year!

This is me on a “good hair day”. :wink: Looking forward to meeting everyone!

This is me!

So this is my latest profile pic I've been using. I look ridiculously serious but normally you'll find me with a much too large grin on my face! :) Looking forward to seeing everyone this year at CLS.

Want To Stalk Me More?

Oh, and @dbhurley for just about every other social network as well.

I am not sure if I’m going yet – but here I am anyway. :smile:

– Current version of the profile pic I like. I am not sure whether I really look like this.

I am looking forward to CLS 2016!

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I am a Community Manager and DevRel at DreamFactory Software! See ya’ll there!

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