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CLS Improvements and Feedback

Hi Everyone,

We have been running CLS now for over five years and the event continues to be well recieved and well attended. We are though, always keen to improve and refine how the event is organized to make it as useful as possible.

For this year’s event (see http://communityleadershipsummit.com/ for more details) I am interested in making the following changes:

  • Some people have expressed that some means of categorizing sessions would be useful. As such, I think it would be useful to have stickers with session categories that can be applied to each session to make it clearer what topics the session is covering, whether it will be technical etc.

  • The plenaries seemed pretty well recieved, so we will do them again this time around. I am interesting in hearing whether the lightning talks are of interest to people.

  • We will start day 2 a little later as people often arrive late (no doubt due to having plenty o’fun at the social event).

  • We often talk about the best way of taking notes. I think it could be useful to have a topic on this forum for each session where the first post are the session conclusions. This then means a discussion can continue. We could then just have a category for each CLS (e.g. CLS 2014) so you can see all the session notes in one place.

What other feedback do you folks have for us to improve and refine the event?


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This is a good idea generally. Of course, some sessions don’t start as technical, but quickly become so (or vice versa!) depending on what participants actually show up (or don’t). Another way would be to color-code the cards/title pages that go up on the wall.

Open Source Bridge has a nice series of “tracks” that might work for this: Business, Chemistry, Cooking, Culture, Hacks. http://opensourcebridge.org/events/2014/schedule

Alternatively, each table/space could be “reserved” for the different categories, but this can be hard to get right to match the demand.

Discourse would be great for this, and you can “Watch” a topic/thread to get e-mail notifications if you want. With all the session threads could go in the “CLS 2014” category (or even subcategories that match the above-mentioned categories) it’d be easy to find info from the event.

One other thing I thought might be nice is having a lunch group “sign up” sheet on the wall. Often lunch time comes and no one has an idea where they can/should go in the (very limited) time available. If some places were recommended then we could have groups established to go there together … might save some wandering and foster more networking.

I agree. My inclination as a first attempt at this is to have a series of color-coded stickers that map to a set of tracks that indicate the kind of content in the session. For example, this could include Governance, Technical etc.

Yeah I think taking notes here could not only stimulate great note-taking, but continue discussions post-event too. The categorization in discourse makes this simple too. :slight_smile:

This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

So I’m seeing a potential problem here @jonobacon … Unless an admin makes the lead post a “wiki post” that all users can edit (an option under the Discourse wrench icon for admins), the only way to edit/adjust/clarify notes is to post replies, which will mean there’s no canonical source of the group’s collective opinion of what happened in the session.

Etherpads have worked well because people could go back after the fact and edit them slightly. If people are moving their Etherpad documents over as soon as the session is done, that may not be possible.

Yeah, I was disappointed to see that the posts weren’t wikis by default :frowning:

I think if it were the default, it wouldn’t encourage discussion/discourse the way they want to. But there are certainly cases where it’s appropriate (like this one).

I agree. I wish there was a feature to turn this on in future. Maybe we stick with a dedicated collaborative pad next year?


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