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CLS Videos - Where and How?

Not sure if anyone who feels the same will be reading this. But the absolute silence around the subject of presentation videos has been profoundly disappointing (even shocking) to me. I have tried reaching out to both @zohar and @jonobacon to be met with dead silence. Not sure if this is standard communicating procedure within tech/OS channels. Whether or not it is, I would never have expected this from CLS management. :frowning:

dear @nechama,

thanks for the post, I appologize if you’ve sent an email and I missed it, I was away for the past two months (we had an amazing baby boy born!).

I’d love to share what we have recorded and would highly appreciate your help in organizing and editing the material should you be up for the challenge.



@zohar First of all, Mazal Tov to you and your family!
Also, thank you so much for your prompt response to my post!
I would be very happy to help organize and edit the
footage, although I know nothing about the technical aspect of this
process. However, if viewing and ‘marking’ (or some other
selection/indication process) are doable on my old mac laptop, count me
Due to my lack of technical skill, I was considering paying
someone I know (who charges very low rates) to edit the footage of my
own presentation.
Please let me know how to proceed-

Thanks Again!

Thanks @Nechama.
You can find all the raw (un-edited) footage at: http://960912-1.mediaspace.kaltura.com/
As I mentioned it’s not very organized yet, beyond high-level categories.
You can register (simple name + email) which will allow you to add comments to videos and subscribe to channels, as well as edit the captions and improve the transcript (it’s machine generated, so the text is only about 60% accurate on the transcripts).

How you can help?

  • Comment on videos suggestions about pieces you think are valuable to share further with the community. You can use HH:MM:SS notation to add markers in your comments. So if you find a good segment that would be great to share, just comment with such notation for start and end points, and we’ll create a clip that can be shared.
  • You can use the Keywords widget (below the player) to add and remove keywords which will improve overall search.
  • You can use the transcript widget to edit the transcript, which will improve captions for accessibility and overall search.
  • If you’ve got images, audio files or video files that you’ve captured during the summit and would like to share with others, you can use the “Add New” menu at the top bar to add your own media too.
  • We’ll start creating channels to organize media by topics and allow folks to subscribe for email updates whenever a new media is added to one. And you can help by suggesting such channels.
  • You can create playlists to save your own lists of videos.
  • Browse around… let us know what you think.

@Nechama - can you please modify the subject of this thread to “CLS Videos - Where and How?” so that others will get a good idea of what to find here?

Sorry again for the late reply, and thanks for the excitement and willingness to help!

Great! I look forward to spending some time on that over the next few weeks.
Subject modified - Glad we finally got this going… Thank You!

@zohar It seems that my computer is not compatible with kaltura. Even basic streaming is extremely choppy, and it continues to freeze and crash my computer. Sorry I will not be able to help with editing…

@Nechama - what computer and browser are you using?
what you’re describing sounds more like network issues.

@zohar I have a very solid network connection. I am using an old Mac (10.6.8) and Firefox. Safari does not work well on my computer.

thanks. which version of Firefox are u using?
also, would u be able to test with chrome too?

Version 41. Have never used chrome, and do not think I have it on my computer.

@Nechama is it possible for you to install Chrome and try? (i’d like to explore if it’s a browser matter or computer matter).
Also, I’ve enabled a debugger window on the player, can you please play a video for couple minutes, while you’re experiencing the issues, and then copy the debug output and send to me as a message?
Let’s move this to private message so we don’t overload this thread.


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