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CLS14 attendees

Mary Thengvall. Community Manager at Chef. Twitter: mary_grace . mary@getchef.com . getchef.com


Van Riper. Community Advocate in Google Developer Relations. My meta-community consists of the 1000+ local organizers of 500+ Google Developer Groups in 100+ countries.



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Federico Lucifredi. Ubuntu Server Product Manager at Canonical.


Alright, I’ll join the roll call!

Josh Simmons (Joshua R Simmons if you ever need to disambiguate), Community Manager at O’Reilly for programming, web, and design, and co-founder of WIMP user group which is now launching WIMPspace coworking in downtown Santa Rosa, CA.

My position is US-focused but has global reach and includes communities around languages, frameworks, tools, techniques, etc.

Unless you already have an in at O’Reilly, I’m your guy - whether you want to write for us, do videos with us, sponsor events, or have us sponsor yours (user groups and conferences).

My email inbox is a special circle of hell, so it’s best to ping me @joshsimmons

J. Manrique Lopez de la Fuente (aka jsmanrique), working in Bitergia as business and marketing developer, but also active member of Free / Libre Open Source Software communities.

I’m Eric Schultz, Community Manager at the prpl Foundation. This was my second CLS and just like last year, it was very useful. I’d love to keep up with all of the people I met (and some I may not have!).

My twitter handle is @EricPrpl.

I’m James Sarino, Community Coordinator at Answers.com. This was my first CLS, and will most likely attend next year! It was good to meet a number of you…keep in touch!

Twitter @jsarino
Google+ +JamesSarino
About Me jamessarino

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