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CLS16 Notes: Asking 4 Money

These were not the official notes, but I thought I’d share:

  • Have a document (don’t ask for money in a tweet)
  • Make sure that you proofread the document
  • Include your contact information
  • Don’t request for sponsorship of an event without dates or location
    • Include expected audience for your event
    • Include why you’re putting on the conference
    • Do your research and send your request to the right group at the organization
    • If it’s a conference offer a way to pay via credit card
  • Include why your project exists
  • Think about why this company would want to give money to you
  • Find an internal advocate at the organization
  • If you want to reach marketing you go through press releases
  • Find out when the company’s fiscal year starts (public records) - reach out to them 5 months before the end of their fiscal year to get money
  • Don’t duplicate efforts (only have one contact person)
  • Don’t reach out more than once a month - once a quarter is preferable
  • Not all sponsorships are fiscal (event space, in kind donations)
  • Sticker sponsorship through Sticker Mule
  • If you get a no - ask when you should ask again - ask them what they’re looking for
  • Go the cover letter and resume approach - give a summary and then attach more information
  • Have small levels of sponsorship - have a minimum level of sponsorship
  • X amount will go toward Y -
  • Look for examples on Donors Choose https://www.donorschoose.org
  • Don’t have too many tiers
    • Style of PDF : Level heading, summary of level - no more than 2 pages and have room in margins for notes (probably 4ish tiers)
  • Have a specific request even if it’s not for an event
  • Don’t forget to fundraise for your general fund - not just for events
    • Some sponsors aren’t interested in donating to a general fund
    • Remember to ask for money for what it costs to run the event (also shows responsibility of the organization in the ask letter)
      • It takes X number of volunteers or volunteer hours (if you don’t pay for the organization of the event)
  • Remember to send an invoice after the event - include the dates, address, and purchase order
    • Be ready to be flexible, you might have to wait a while to get the donation
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