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CLS16: Notes from Burnout

The 12-Stage Burnout Cycle by Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North

1 You want to prove yourself (connected very closely to imposter syndrome)

2 Working harder and longer hours, may find it harder to switch off

3 Start ignoring your needs (erratic sleeping patterns, reducing social interaction)

4 Panic and conflict - you look to other people as the cause

5 Values often change, hobbies start to seem irrelevant

6 Become cynical and intolerant, become a bit more aggressive

7 Withdrawal - you have almost a non existent social life

8 Behavioral changes become evident to other people

9 Depersonalization - you feel worthless and don’t think you can have an impact

10 Inner Emptiness - lots of overeating, drug use and alcoholism

11 Depressions - you feel completely lost and

12 You’re looking for a way out


OSMI - Open sourcing mental illness
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