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CLS16 Notes: Keeping Track of Your Community Members (CRM)

Keeping track of your community members discussion proposed by Salt. How are other using these technologies? How would we like to? How can we connect the dots?

Notes from this session:

Background: Salt took over the community for an OS project and the cofounder wants to have info about people’s interests, the relationships, etc. There were over 1,000. Chose CiviCRM. Dockerized and deployed it. Now has a bunch of questions. Havent even imported the contacts yet. CRM is traditional a Sales funnel tool, but Salt was looking to sell freedom, not a project and ended up using CiviCrm. Is now also considering adding Discourse so the information is accessible to CMs. Civi is more than a plug-in, can create case files and a detailed walk-through. Can keep track of a lot of different activities by households, individuals, and orgs.

Is this an opt-in or will information be submitted on the backend?

  • Mozilla is planning to adopt Salesforce but it may not fit Janet’s needs. In some cases, emails are submitted voluntarily.
  • For Meetups, things cary culturally. If you don’t give us an email address we can’t email you.

How is the info getting into the system? Who is maintaining this information?

  • volunteer forum allows people to information in, which brings up the idea of having a discourse for people to opt-in
  • For maintenance, it’s good to give people the ability to update their information.

What information are we taking away?

  • Name you want to be known
  • Email you would like to be reached by
  • Geographic info
  • the more data you collect the more you have to maintain

What are the things holding people back?

  • profile completion percentage is a good way to get people to participate
  • Need something now but know we’re coming with something down the line, so how do we actually get moving without waiting.
  • Don’t know the way that people are doing their work. Without looking at logs, hard to know what users are doing.


  • CiviCRM
  • SalesForce
  • mobilize.io
  • high rise
  • Google built a tool that pulls G+ info
  • Mozilla has a community directory system as well


  • signed up to support a project
  • Usage activity
  • Contributions to the community
  • 1-1 Interactions with staff (emails, phone calls, face to face)
  • Twitter interactions

What are tools to give to our community members so they can reach each other?

  • Some tools like Civi are flexible and would allow you to set rules to allow community members to see each other. Members in geographies can see other members.


  • The more value the more they are willing to share their own personal information - Alfredo
  • Do I want the info of all the members or just the core organizers
  • If they handed you a card they’ve given you permission to do with that information as you wish, in a responsible manner.
  • Salesforce also suggests a minimal reaching out and getting permission to reach out.
  • Also good to check in and see if they still have the same info (every year or two) “your tastes may have changed”
  • Before you collect information have a purpose for using it.
  • Can we share these resources with other departments?
  • Google built a chrome extension to encourage people to register for the developer portal directly from meetup
  • Relationship with people and culture over time. Badges can be a problem as well. Figure out the best way to celebrate people.
  • Use Groups and Tags effectively. Three come up: Superstar, realistically involved, keep an eye out for someone in the future


  • William Hale, Salt - Seattle GNU, Seattle LUG organizer for 8 years. Snowdrift.coop
  • doesnt track attendees and dont want to right now. Has lost members in LUG and doesnt know whats happening. Leading the open source project
  • Alfredo from Google Dev Relations
  • track community people, connections, etc.
  • Tenly Snow CM at OpenLMIS - Logistics Management Info Systems
  • recently started as CM and wants to grow the community. Interested in CRMs for tracking opportunities for implementations, key contacts, activity, meetings, etc. Interested in growing the community.
  • Janet Swisher, Mozilla
  • helping volunteers help meetup communities, keeping track of them. Wants a good miz of new and returning attendees. Was also managing community for Mozilla community developer network wiki. No more CMs but only writers. But also very concerned with privacy and dont want to collect more than we need.
  • Daniel, DigitalOcean
  • Community focused approach to CRM
  • Alex Viggio, University of Colorado Boulder, Vivo project, Agile Denver
  • Faculty, administrators, also have a project which students and parents are using. Would like to set up a community.
  • Hannah, Salesforce, husband also a CM
  • work in the marketing cloud and will use this as a learning opportunity. Also
  • Julia, Duke
  • interested in this because she doesnt know people in their Vevo community. 100s of members around the world but has no clue where to find these members.

Thanks for taking notes in this session, much appreciated!

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