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CLSx Organizing Team

Hi Folks,

We are seeing some great CLSx events happening - CLSx Portland, CLSx New Zealand, CLSx Tokyo, and CLSx Japan.

For those of you unfamiliar with CLSx, these are local versions of the main CLS event in the USA.

While we are seeing some momentum, I feel we need a little more structure to make it really easy for people to organize CLSx events. As such, I was thinking we put together a CLSx organizing team that can create things such as:

  • Documentation for how to run a CLSx event
  • Create materials that event organizers can use.
  • Update the main CLS website with details about CLSx and how it works.
  • . . .

Would any of you be interested in getting involved in this?



Count me in,I might be your help…and now planning to CLSx Tokyo #1 :blush:

Hi Jono

I’m Yasunobu Igarashi, a Ph. D researcher in Computer Science and a leader of OSS community e2d3.org including 30 passionate members.
I would like to cooperate with Mr. Ohta to hold CLSx Tokyo (and CLsx Japan).

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!