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Collaboration among FOSS projects and FOSS-friendly orgs?

At OSCON 2014 I held a BoF on collaboration:

BoF: You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours:
What can FOSS projects & FOSS-friendly orgs
provide for each other?

There are a many projects that are used extensively throughout the FOSS community. How many orgs use LibreOffice, Firefox, MediaWiki, Inkscape, or GIMP? Wouldn’t it be great if we could get representatives of these projects in the same room or forum together so we could chat about our needs and what we can provide for each other?

There are many organizations that use and support FOSS like the EFF, FSF, Creative Commons, and Internet Archive, plus a host of conferences such as LinuxFest NW, FOSDEM, SCALE, OSCON, and Texas LinuxFest. What if we could add people from the conferences into the mix and encourage even greater sharing and collaboration?

I think that community leaders are in a unique position to help unite our communities. I’ve got a few ideas about how we can encourage dialog and sharing – such as BoFs at future conferences – but I’m also interested in what suggestions y’all have to make this collaboration successful!

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As a quick example, I’d love to have a conversation with conference/event planners about requirements on non-Free software and file formats. If a conference requests logos from participants, it would be great for them to support free/open formats like SVG or PNG in addition to Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

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