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Community Building

PLease check out this very nice resource on community building: http://www.communitybuildingguide.com/

Clearly this community has become Ghost town. I am thinking to share latest white papers that we list on our website so whoever is interested will read it.

For a second i thought someone is active here. Then i lost the opportunity to have discussion with that person as i saw it was a notification for “like badge”.

Hi Stephen,

It is not super active, but also no ghost town. I could not discern any information about community on the website you mention. What is it you wanted to share?

Hello Ben,

So good to see you here!

This community looks really great and have all the potentials to grow larger and be active than others. And I really really want to make this community succeed, and will try anything! I was thinking to share it on reddit and hackernews so it can get more traffic and members. It is okay if i post white papers and article that we publish on our website? I think they might be helpful to the readers.

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!