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Community Feedback Loop

"Please edit these notes as they need to be refined by those that attended the session"

What connects the individual to the initiative locally in proximity and mind

Assigning real and attainable goals in relation to their affinity

Recognizing that the initiative is valid for you individually


*Feedback from the community up
*Community sponsorships down to local groups
*Meetup groups: relationships with participants
*Getting consistent (positive) feedback
*How to understand blind/authentic feedback
*Relevant information, subjects, activities and engagements to your community
*Why is communication/feedback so hard?(barriers)

Getting Feedback:

Ask for reflection "I like, I wish #make it better(pair these two for better efficacy)
Apathy…break the silence
*Always ask for feedback
*Make is possible for as many people as you can
*Different styles: vocal, written, online, posted up and visual
*Different times: beginning, middle, end; asynchronous

  • Seed The Jar- the lone dissenter

Responding to Feedback
*Make it happen

  • Make it Visual
    *Public vs Private
  • Direct vs anonymous

Follow up on feedback
*Timing and preparation
*Know your response to sensitive issues(no inaction)

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

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