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Community management for NGOs/Civil society

My name is Kavisha Pillay and I am from South Africa. I work for an NGO/CSO that focuses on anti-corruption. I have recently launched a platform that encourages online activism and engagement around issues of anti-corruption. The core idea is to build a global community of corruption fighters. Online communities have immense potential in Africa - many of our countries do not enjoy basic freedoms such as freedom of speech, so the online space is extremely important to speak out on social issues.

In my experience, building communities for NGOs/CSOs is very different to building for a corporate. We want members to associate with a cause and not a brand. So how do we build communities that are focused on social issues?

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Sounds like a great project–my thanks and congratulations go out to you. I’ll put in one little observation I’ve seen among volunteer communities I’ve been part of. Make sure you have tangible, useful projects for people to work on at all times. Have a forum, an educational event, a letter-writing campaign–something to offer people when they ask “What can I do?” In your particular case, you may already have ways for reporting corruption. You could offer people projects to read about corruption cases, count the reports from different areas of the country and do a report, etc. I’m just talking off the top of my head when discussing corruption–I am not an expert in that area. But give community members something to do. That will help them stay interested.

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I am glad to come across this topic. I run kabissa, a community of African civil society organizations grappling with ict issues. We have a forum and organize webinars for peer learning and exchange.

Like you we would like to encourage community building and engagement through an online platform. It can be tricky and I agree that giving members projects to work on or a space for them to collaborate on projects is a good approach.

@Kavisha I would be flag to collaborate and provide mutual support. On Kabissa I have documented the steps to seeing up a discourse forum like this one, in case you find it useful you might take a look.


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