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Community Management Tools

Recently I got asked for a suggestion for community management tools. Having done this all old school, I wasn’t really aware of these tools.

However, a quick search showed what looks like some pretty cool tools out there now for community management.

So, do you have a favorite tool or toolset?

Have you ever used any of the platforms? Vanilla, CMNTY Platform, MyHub, Zapnito, Lithium Communities, Quip?

Do you have any other like this that might be worth reviewing?


Discourse, which runs this site, is the leading open source community platform. https://meta.discourse.org/ is a highly active discussion about the software platform itself & includes discussion about how to leverage it successfully.

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  1. Google Drive

  2. Sprout Social

  3. Hootsuite

  4. Google Analytics

  5. Flipboard

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Thanks for sharing… This tool make community management easier.

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