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Community Manager for The Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab) - Open Source SDN

ON.Lab Overview

The Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab) is a non-profit organization founded by SDN and OpenFlow inventors and leaders from Stanford University and UC Berkeley with the mission to foster an open source community and develop tools and platforms to realize the full potential of SDN. With ON.Lab having roots in SDN research, members of its SDN ecosystem can explore new, real-life applications. They can experiment with the latest SDN concepts and thinking from renowned research labs. ON.Lab has a team of highly motivated and talented individuals with experience and track records in industry and research labs and who are focused on creating high quality open source tools and platforms that members can use to explore the possibilities of SDN.

The ONOS™ project was formed to pursue our vision of what networking could be for the public good.

“Networks today are described too often as closed, proprietary, complex, operationally expensive, inflexible – in a nutshell, they impede innovation and progress rather than enabling them …We have a vision of what networking could be through the promise of Software Defined Networking (SDN). With SDN, the control plane is separated from the data plane, the hardware innovation cycles are decoupled from the software innovation cycles.”

Website: http://www.onlab.us

Location: 1000 El Camino Real, Suite 100 Menlo Park, CA 94025 (one block to Caltrain)

Organization: The board includes Executive Director Guru Parulkar (Exec. Director at Open Networking Research Center: ONRC, Consulting Professor at Stanford University). Bill Snow is VP of Engineering. Under Bill is a Team of “Members of Technical Staff” including a Director of Quality, a Product Champion (Product Manager for Production both internal/external), Exec Admin, and a Staff of 40 +

Technology Stack: Linux, open source system, OpenFlow drivers. Coding is predominantly Java. Open source packages “Titan” and “Cassandra” were used initially as out of the box database solutions but ON.Lab has since implemented the more efficient and evolving “Ramcloud” from Stanford University, a much higher performing, leaner storage architecture designed with stringent low latency performance and scalability goals capable of handling today’s large network operators such as AT&T and NTT.

Partnerships: AT&T, Fujitsu, NTT Communications, China Unicom, Huawei, SK Telecom, Ciena, Intel, Cisco, NEC, Ericsson, NSF

Community Manager (Developer Advocate) Role

The Community Manager will represent the ON.Lab community and keep the community happy and productive. Duties will include growing the community of open source developers and leading hackathons and community events. The Community Manager will also coordinate the building of local development communities across the world and represent the ON.Lab community at events and conferences globally.

Background / Skills:

Software development exposure background, preferably in infrastructure projects (operating systems-linux, platforms-android, openstack). Experience in open source, preferably as a community manager. Knows well the software development cycle and tools, has an understanding of Open source governance and the different models of governance, has project management and planning experience and skills, has self discipline for goal setting and desire for achievement. Loves to work with developers and is capable of handling technical questions from developers on their own, excellent presentation and people skills, gregarious and has contagious motivation, passionate about the future of open source.

Other Filters:

Should at least know about and have preferably read the book “The Art of Community” and should be familiar with and have preferably attended some OSCON conferences.

Desirable Qualities to Have:

Experience from communities like Red Hat, Canonical (Ubuntu community managers), the Linux Foundation, OpenStack, CloudStack, Android, and Apache Project infrastructure projects. Speakers at OSCON representing their communities. ON.Lab Prefers Candidates who show the ability (and have a history) of gaining the respect of both Internal and External leaders.

Opportunity for the Candidate:

ON.Lab is a vibrant non-profit organization where everyone is passionate about changing the networking paradigm for the better. ON.Lab offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the software-defined networking (SDN) revolution, opening the Internet and cloud infrastructure up for innovation by introducing open source tools and platforms that will help the SDN community experiment with SDN and accelerate the broad adoption of SDN.

For More Information
Follow this GoogleDocs Link: https://goo.gl/c6afvw

Contact: Matt Hunter
ph. 415-599-0255

Would love to apply, but I am not a developer. :wink:

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