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Company run communities: posting your own jobs?

Hey all, do any of you manage a community for a commercial entity? We’re debating posting some job reqs that would fit into our community (support jobs in a support community). I’m curious what your success with this has been or if there has been community pushback.

Any stories on this, or ideas? Thanks all!

A few thoughts (questions without answers):

  • Would that be effective? Do you have a community of potential hires who would se ethe job announcement?
  • If you do: are there other companies making money off the project? If so, a good way to defuse potential issues is to have the Jobs page open to all - ask on the community list first if anyone has issues with adding a Jobs page, and ask if anyone else has jobs to post
  • If there aren’t other companies building businesses on top of the software: your issue is that you’re sending a message that this is a company space, not a community space - it may make more sense to post the job opening on the company web-site, and post a link to that in the community mailing list.

The issue is whether an onlooker would see the community site as a private company space, or as a collaborative community resource. Assuming that your goal is the latter, then adding a jobs page could create the wrong impression, unless there are jobs from multiple community members.

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  • It’s hard to know if it would be effective as we haven’t tried it again and it’s a relatively new community. Yes, we have some very brilliant people in our community that could be potentially awesome hires.
  • This is an in-house community for our cloud business, so a very specific community. Other businesses use our services to optimize their applications.
  • I see your point here.

We’re going for a bit of a mix - a community space with the dedicated subject matter being our product offerings - so a collaborative resource, but sponsored and run by a commercial entity.

We do already have a jobs page and ended up going with something akin to your idea. We put it in our monthly retrospective digest/update including a link to our careers page; but without a specific post in a category.

Thank you for the helpful thoughts and comments. Much appreciated!

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