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There was some discussion about conference software last year at CLS. I’m a maintainer of the Open Source COD Drupal distribution, which aims to empower community leaders to launch events quickly and easily.

A year has passed since our original discussion, and lots has been done to make a software package camps, events, and even major conferences can use. I’m curious if a) anyone else here has tried the new COD beta and b) what improvements could be made.

I’m hoping to host another conference organizing talk this year at CLS, and if there are developers or designers interested in helping improve the open source project, some of us will be sprinting on it at OSCON as well.

I’d love to a event organizing tools topic at CLS. :thumbsup:

From the website, it looks like COD Beta2 was released on 12 August, 2011, although there was some work in 2012. Have there been any updates since then?

Sorry, I was looking at http://usecod.com/ when I wrote the above.

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Heh yah, that site has become extremely outdated. A sprint to just revamp usecod.com would be awsome. I changed a few of the links to make sure people can at least download the newest version.

I tried COD Beta earlier this year (maybe even late last year) with very little success to be honest. I will have to try it again to see if the bug that was causing the theme to really mess up is resolved and give it a second try. As @japerry has suggested, having revamped usecod.com and possible screencasts would be great for the usability of this solution!

Sounds like an awesome idea. I will note this down as a category that we can use for the sessions (we will be using session category stickers to make it easier to differentiate between sessions this year).

Thanks for sharing, @japerry!

What would be awesome is if you could create a new post on this forum with an overview of how the software works, its core features, and maybe some screenshots? We can then take a look. :slight_smile:

Yah… that was Alpha – it was a bit of a mess if you weren’t really knowledgeable about Drupal (and even then it was… tricky) – at Drupalcon Austin and NYC camp, we had devs put in over 300 hours of work, including a new base theme built in Omega. The COD you may have seen in Drupal 6 or the Alpha 2-5 is much different than what is available today.

It’d be awesome to get more help on the design aspect of usecod.com. We’ve spent the majority of our time working on the code, and only one of us is good on the front-end, so its been severely lacking. Documentation on drupal.org was refreshed at Drupalcon as well, and its linked from the project page.

would love to! Tried to post, but it gave me a warning saying I’m not allowed to attach images as a ‘new user’. =(

Try now, that should be fixed. :slight_smile:

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