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Do you listen to podcasts? I've got a new one about community, culture, collaboration, & coworking

Hey everybody! I’ve been missing y’all since July.

Last week I started a new project to add my weekly newsletter, http://coworkingweekly.com

Aside: Even if you’re not working in a coworking space as a member or staff, a LOT of what I write for to that list is relevant to the kinds of questions that I see posted here on the CLF. In recent months I’ve written about better introductions, natural community fragmentation, building trust networks, and for those of you who saw my lightning talk about Tummling during CLS I have this (somewhat controversial) post that talks about replacing a “cruise director” mindset that many community managers take on with a Tummler mindset.

But nowwwww there’s a Podcast version too, which I’m calling The Coworking Weekly Show!

Like Coworking Weekly, this podcast isn’t explicitly about coworking spaces but instead about the kinds of practices & behaviors that are important to understand to make ANY community space work more effectively.
Personally, I see great coworking spaces as laboratories for learning how communities can help people work together better, which means these lessons can be applied in almost any kind of organization with just a little bit of interpretation. One listener even said:

“I realized as I was listening that this advise totally applies to my poetry workshops as I’ve struggled with the same issue. This is very helpful!”

Poetry! How cool.

Soooo I’ve launched this podcast with three standalone “segments”, each with a different format and style that I’ll mix up to keep interesting. The first 3 episodes and their full summary + show notes are here:


For this community in particular, the 2nd and 3rd sessions are going to be a lot more valuable…especially # 3, called The Stack :smile:

I’m also looking for guests…so you can be sure that I’ll be culling this forum for reminders of some of your inspiring CLS topics and notes. If, after listening, you think there’s a specific topic that would be good for the show, shoot me a personal message or email me directly, alex@indyhall.org

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!