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Eventbrite for accepting conference sponsor payments?

Hi all,

An open source project that I’m a part of is holding our 8th annual community conference. All but the first year’s event involved a for-profit event planner and a conference hotel, but we’re hoping to reduce cost for registration this year to attract more students so we are moving to a college campus and trying to self organize.

We’ll likely use Eventbrite to manage registration, but are not finding an obvious solution to collect payment from sponsors. It doesn’t seem that Eventbrite advertises this service, although I have contact their help team. Our host doesn’t have an event planning service that handled all of the money so I’m hoping we could identify an online solution like Eventbrite that is trustworthy and would accept sponsor payments in the $2000-5000 range.

Any recommendations?

Use something like Paypal’s fundraising services?



This options doesn’t seem quite as tailored towards events/sponsors as what I’m looking for.


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