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Favorite New (or new to you) Music

Hey folks, what cool new (or new to you) music are you listening to lately? I’ve been getting into Shovels & Rope and some Houndmouth. I’ve started a collaborative playlist on Spotify, so feel free to add a song from the artists you recommend: https://open.spotify.com/user/123925379/playlist/2d0fCYkVw5PKGDXADoP6Yn

I really like discovering good music, and I’m usually 5 years behind. Let’s see if we can make this a thing!



You know perfectly well you’re cooler than everyone else, and you’re ahead of the curve. :wink:

With that said, I’ve added three to your Spotify list. :musical_note: I’m going through a retro phase, listening to music from our past. There’s so much good music still waiting to be discovered, artists and albums I haven’t devoured yet. Just last week I asked a deadhead, what three Grateful Dead songs they’d recommend, because I can’t name a single one.

So enjoy some Lou Reed, Pet Shop Boys, and Talking Heads. :notes:

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