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Feedback on future Eclipse.org user profile

Hi guys,

I would like to share with you the mockup I am doing for the future Eclipse Community user profile. You can have a look at it on my Github:

I am using Wireframesketcher to draw them. It allows to do demo exports, so one can play with it, just clicking on the yellow areas.

The aim is to provide:

  • A simple URL, easy to remember and to share (e.g in email signatures)
  • An overview for a user to see his own activity in one place
  • A way for Community users to find other users, and understand who they are

I would really enjoy to have your feedback :slight_smile:

This is looking awesome. :slight_smile:

Couple of questions though:

  • What is the goal of this page?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What actions do you want to trigger?


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This is looking awesome. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

What is the goal of this page?

  • On the technical side, today, Eclipse Community users have many websites services they can use, sign in, but there is not really one place where they can have an overview of their activity on eclipse.org and set all their preferences. On some websites you know a user with the email, on some with a nickname, and on some with their real name.
  • On the community side, a common use case to solve: a user fills a bug against an Eclipse plugin, then a committer from the plugin’s project answers. But on Bugzilla, you know only the email of the users. How do you know who are discussing about the bug?
  • With the user profile, we try to solve both technical and community cases: there is one place to log in, to edit the preferences for all the websites and services, to sign the contributor agreement. And an overview with information and activity, that you can find and share easily.
  • The user profile also provides the management GUI for data stored by the plugins in eclipse.org user storage service.
  • So we hope that having a user profile will help people to create their eclipse.org account, know each other, engage, make Eclipse Community more friendly.

Who is the target audience?

  • Of course, the first users will be the active users of the community (contributors), but we would like to attract more end-users of Eclipse projects, so they can engage more, and contribute.
  • We also provide a feature for the projects/plugins: the user storage service (to store preferences, favourites and other data)

What actions do you want to trigger?

  • Creating an account and edit preferences on eclipse.org should become very friendly and easy
  • Finding users and how they are active in the community is easy and helps users to engage and collaborate
  • People active in the ecosystem sharing their eclipse user profile URL in their email signature and resume
  • Making clear and visible that eclipse.org provide a storage service: for the end users, of cours, but also for the plugins developers so more and more plugins use it.

So, attract more users with a modern community.

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