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Forum Software Suggestions


Please give suggestion on what forum software we should use to start our forums. We are looking to start community forums for a technology hardware/software company. Among the software options that we are considering are:

Telligent / Verint

Why not consider this software used by the forum here? It’s Discourse https://www.discourse.org/

The only reason I would go with something else like phpBB is to be lighter-weight and less of a heavy JavaScript app. That factor is really my only complaint about Discourse. It’s an all around excellent software, easy to maintain, and robust features with strong community around it.

I’m not an expert, but I switched from vB4 to Xenforo and have been happy. Lots of add-ons and support.

Thanks for the recommendations. Looks like both XenForo and Discourse are great choices. How do I go about making a determination of which one is best?

Should I go for on-premises installation or host it? Is it common to host forums? What is a typical cost of hosting?

Pat, we just completed a multi vendor bake off for the company I work for and chose Discourse over several of the “big guys”. We found Discourse to be the most flexible and also very commonly used/accepted within technical communities. They are also inexpensive when compared to other enterprise platforms.

We are self hosting in GCP but there are low cost “Docker-ized” installations from hosting providers like DigitalOcean and others. Discourse also directly offers low cost hosted platforms (be aware they are co-lo, not cloud hosted).

I’m unfamiliar with XenForo so can’t really comment on options there.

Good luck!

Thanks for your suggestions. You mentioned “Discourse also directly offers low cost hosted platforms (be aware they are co-lo, not cloud hosted)”. What is co-lo and how is it different than cloud hosted?

Someone here works with Drupal main corse? wanted to ask some questions. i’m working on my own project with it and i need some help.

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