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Forum still alive or spam garden?

All I’ve been getting for the 6 months or so is spam. I’ve flagged the spam but it still hasn’t been removed.

Is it time to put it into read-only mode? (If anyone is still paying attention who has admin rights.)

It’s mostly, dead, far as I can tell.

I think the fact you’re here means it’s not :slight_smile:
I’m here too!

I think Jono abandoned it he hasn’t posted in a long time and I’m not sure he created any moderators to help manage it.

I pinged @jonobacon and I think he is going to respond when he has a chance. I’m suggested that he add the Akismet plugin and some moderators.

Forum admin penalize your account due to post irrelevant post on topic.

For those folks looking to not get email notificaitons of all the spam that’s posted here, here’s a handly link to remove all email future notifications: https://www.communityleadershipforum.com/my/preferences/emails

See also the last line of the email notifications: “To unsubscribe from these emails, click here.” (Which can also disable all future emails.)

Hi, Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed response - as you can probably tell, I am too busy to help maintain this forum. Happy to hand over the reigns. Anyone else want to take it on?


Yes. Im ready to take it on. Im experienced Discourse admin. I administer pretty big (around 230k active members) Discourse forum. So I think having another Discourse-based forum, wouldnt be too much for me…

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!