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Hiring a Community PM in Portland- could that be you?

I need a Community Product Manager, if there is such a beast. Right now I am the CM and the CPM and it’s too much. The job posting is here: http://cambiahealth.hodesiq.com/jobs/default.aspx?jid=B0Ih6DEl3QUeS7bVm5oz9n0IQsC6bZ4isPzaBT2WEcs%3D

We’re a Cambia arm, located in downtown Portland. Part of a huge company but we function as a start-up. There are lots of opportunities to shape our Community and lots of work to be done. If you love to be innovative, creative and you’re hard-working, you’ll do really well here.

Please PM me if you’re interested

Thanks for this, @rubyhoney - I definitely want to encourage job opportunities here, so I created a Career Opportunities category that we can use. Thanks!

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