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Hiring an associate in the Bay Area, can be a telecommute position

This position is largely administrative with some community management duties and may evolve into a community manager position over time. It’s a w2 contract and we’ll be hiring via a staffing agency, but the work will be supporting Oracle communities at java.net and https://community.oracle.com/welcome

Please send resumes to me at sonya.barry@oracle.com


Community Infrastructure Associate will support the community infrastructure team.

Duties include:

  • assist in site cleanup at Java.net in prep for migration of CMS content to Jive platform and projects as needed on the forge

  • interact with community members as part of larger migration comms plan and Q&A

  • use WYSIWYG tools to create widgets in Jive to support community platform needs

  • interact with public community members and internal stakeholders to answer questions about the platform

  • set up, monitor, and conduct periodic audits of test spaces for internal stakeholders

  • help track community metrics

  • gamification administration

  • participate in user acceptance testing during platform upgrades and migration projects

  • other community management tasks as needed

  • other administrative tasks as needed

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