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How does the pace of technical innovation effect community models/operations?

Hi All, I’m interested in hearing from technical community leaders how the shift to cloud is changing your communities.

Here’s my simple hypothesis

  • The increasing pace of technology innovation is fueling rapid growth of agile development and component-ized software architectures.
  • This ability to understand/embrace such rapid change is causing a major challenge for the software architect. How do I quickly understand which new technologies can positively impact my business and embrace them?
  • The architects will become more reliant on their trusted peers (influencers) to help them prioritize which technologies to begin evaluating.
  • Once prioritizing, architects will become heavily engaged within the prioritized community to group learn.

If this is true then:

  • The number of communities will grow rapidly as the introduction of new technology innovation outpaces the time for previous innovations effectiveness.
  • Technical communities will become highly specialized - Have a cloud community is too broad, a need for much more granular communities will take shape.

I’m wondering if there is any truth to this? Also if you run a broad community - like a cloud community - how will you evolve to meet the needs of your membership who may be at risk to leave your community for a more specialized one? If you were to start a community today (i.e. a meetup group) would you go more broad or more narrow?

Appreciate any feedback!


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