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How many of you all are part of a Support Community?

After attending the excellent Community Leadership Summit 2017 event, I was surprised by how many folks manage open source communities. I work for Symantec, managing the consumer-side forums/community, and we manage it as a peer-to-peer support community.

I’d be curious to find out how many of us on this forum are part of a similar type of organization, managing a support community. Hands up!


CLS17 was a great event! I fully expected that most of the folks attending would be involved in open source communities, but I figured I could learn a lot from them even if the community I manage is a bit different. I manage a community of educators - actually, I think of it as many small communities that have overlaps and connections. While it isn’t exactly a support community, one of the goals is to have educators supporting each other’s work through sharing resources and working collaboratively.

I guess my hand is not up because I don’t manage a support community. We can certainly still learn from each other though! And I would be interested in the other varieties of communities that people here manage and support.

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