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How to be notified for next year?

Hello everyone
I cannot make the conference this year. How can I be notified for next year’s conference in advance? Do I need to join an email group?


Hi, what I see - they are taking a year off with CLS. The event shall return in 2020.

Actually, we have a CLSx in planning, just before OSCON, for July 14, 2019!.

Same location, many of the same people. We have a CfP in progress at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSceyMZbZISIvOwmer9IwrTA7txzgd2afJWHEpOHXVaGVFi32w/viewform

We should call it Community Managers Meeting to avoid confusing it with the real CLS or even CLSx branded meetings… But the CLS spirit is there :kissing_heart:

Hello everyone, i will just a new comer and would like to introduce myself. am from Ghana(West Africa) My name is marcel. am glad to be part of CLS. THANK U

i will also like to attend the next summit, so i want to be notified as earlier as possible.

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