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How to connect back end community members data to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has some new(ish) functions like

Active UsersBETA
Cohort AnalysisBETA

I am keen to track user engagement metrics

(Like posts made after registration, return visits after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc)

So I am looking for tips on how to connect forum back end data like

New member activity
Current member activity

To Google Analytics

(Not sure if guest activity needs a link from the forum back end to track it?)

Our developers know Google Analytics but we just need some “how to” guidance on how to get started off with this newer stuff.

We are on a VBulletin (3.8) platform

Do we need to make certain forum actions ‘events’? Or do we need to allocate member ID’s to connect as "random number ID’s to GA?

Are there any cool ‘engagement’ Dashboards available to get us started?

I know it’s all possible - I want to move forwards and stitch it all together.

Many thanks in advance.

Or what engagement measuring do you have going on

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