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How to follow CLS remotely?

Hi guys,
unfortunately I do not I will be able to come :frowning: how can I follow the event? Streaming? Recording?
Please let me follow you

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We do not usually have any recording that I know of aside from the one or two promo videos Kaltura has done. I think the reason behind this is absent any recording people speak more freely.

I don’t agree, perhaps events like the fosdem are less free because they are registered?
If it lacks the infrastructure I can agree, but do it by choice does not seem correct for those who can not attend.

You can always follow the #CLS14 hashtag on Twitter. There are usually lots of posts and insights. There will also be session schedules and notes posted in near-real-time. :slight_smile:


Good @downey thank you very much :slight_smile: I hope a lot of tweets

That’s not the reason, the reason for no streaming is simply logistical. It costs a huge amount of money to stream, and huge amounts of time to then edit the videos afterwards. After this the videos then rarely get a lot of views.

This year I will instead be encouraging people to share notes and recommendations from sessions here on the forum so the conversations can continue here. I think this will give others an opportunity to be part of it.


Err, FOSDEM “less free”? FOSDEM is one of the most free conferences out there. You’re also not required to register for FOSDEM nor do you pay anything, though you can contribute money and get a book or a t-shirt.

I’d like CLS to encourage setting up an Etherpad document for each session (including briefly explaining what it is and how to make a document), to support taking notes collaboratively. Etherpad reduces the note-taking burden on any particular attendee in each session, and it adds a friendly social element to taking notes (it’s fun to see what people are writing), which means better notes.

We have used Etherpad in the past and it worked out pretty well. I think it could be useful for people to use the pad to write the notes and then share the notes on the forum afterwards.

Is there a public Etherpad service we can use?

I found one - https://pad.riseup.net/ - I will recommend this in the plenary.

Hey @alefattorini, perhaps you’d volunteer to gather up any good comments/remarks/questions/etc. from Twitter during the event and post them here? I know lots of interesting things get said, but we rarely hear them after the event because there is no “feedback loop”. If we had a way to capture some of the more insightful, useful, or funny ones, it could be really useful, IMHO!

Just an idea…


Sure! Why not? I can report here.

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Glad to see you step in and volunteer to track the twitter stream :slight_smile:

I agree people will speak more freely when they will not be held accountable afterwords. Perhaps a middle ground would be to audio record the discussions then have them transcribed so the information ,ay be shared but people’s identities would remain hidden.

I’m using #cls14 on twitter, do you have any other hashtag to follow? Can you suggest attendees to use the same #?

@dbhurley are you going to attend the summit?

We are using #cls14 :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve been here.

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!