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How to measure community success

Discuss how support communities measure success:

  • 90/9/1 aka rule of participation equality
  • Return logins
  • Number of visitors/repeat visitors
  • Frequency of posting and number of comments

Are there industry standards to shoot for?


I don’t believe so. The key is what kind of value you want to derive from the community engagement.

Value varies between organizations. For some it is code, for some it is newsletter sign-ups, for some it is social media…it varies.

I think what could be useful in this session is helping to define how people define value and then they can attach whichever numbers they need to it. At that point they then, in my mind, is not the numbers…it is the patterns that live inside the numbers. They tell the real story behind growth and decline, and thus value.

Thanks @jonobacon! Defining what’s valuable to us and then tracking against our own goals makes sense. I’m looking forward to the discussion!


I’d like to broaden this topic as how to measure ANY community: support, training, people with a similar job discussing common issue, and so on. I work for a large company and they always want numbers for their dashboards. Has the needle moved in the correct direction? We began slipping in quotes from our communities, and they like that, but they still want numbers.

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