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IAmA:: John Streeter, Rally Community Manager

How did you get interested in community leadership?

Working as a Sr. Application Support Analyst when I was recruited by a former manager to come play a proactive role in Support for a much smaller company. They said they’re starting a support community, and wanted me to own it. So there you go.

What about community leadership inspires or excites you the most?

It’s really cool to see a community growing organically – when users start following each other and helping each other out. Makes me feel like a proud parent.

How did you learn what you know now about community leadership?

Trial and error, unfortunately.

What is your current community leadership role?

Community Manager | Customer Support Services

What do you do in that role?

I spend most of my time helping customers leverage the community to get support for the product, and get them to have conversations with other customers. Work regularly with our enterprise developers to improve functionality for the community, with marketing to promote both the community and our own product throughout, and support to manage/improve support offerings and engagements.

Which elements of community leadership are you most interested in?

Sparking ongoing engagement – getting people to help others and feel good about it.

What books, websites, and resources do you recommend for others to learn more about building communities?

Feverbee.com, success.salesforce.com, reddit

What recommendations would you give for new community leaders?

Get your colleagues’ buy-in early and keep them involved. It’s much harder doing this alone.

Which areas are you most interested in learning more about?

How to not only get members asking questions, but get them talking to each other, answering others’ questions, and relying on each other more for help, information, success stories, etc.

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