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Ideas for CLS15 topics?

Hi Everyone,

We would love to hear your ideas for topics for discussion at CLS 2015.

Please share your topics by using the CLS Session Idea category!


One suggestion: Community and Marketing - best practices for collaboration between the two entities to create better communities and tighter marketing campaigns.

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I’d be really interested in seeing a discussion on developing a sense of community. Not sure if that’s been covered elsewhere though?

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I would be interested in hearing what “sense of community” means to you. Are you referring to an underlying ‘warm and fuzzy’ emotional bond between people in general, or a specific shared sense of purpose for members of a mission driven team, or something else entirely? As I see it, CLS is all about “developing a sense of community,” and the topic breakdown process helps determine consensus on what that actually means (and why it is important) to different people. I’d really like to hear what @jonobacon has to say about this, though, since that is just my impression…

I’d be interested in discussing community marketing metrics. How do you track and measure success, particularly when traditional metrics like conversions are often tracked only in the short term, but true community building is very long term.

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Similarly I would like to discuss how open source projects decide which events to attend as a project (and spend money on if they have it), and what to do at the event to drive project goals, and what to measure afterward to decide if it was worth it. At least at commercial open source companies, marketing and sales teams always wants tons of badges scans but I think it’s a misguided goal.

It sounds to me like this gets right to the core of what distinguishes authentic community from ‘cardboard cutout’ community. I think this is a really powerful topic, especially if we’re willing to take an honest look at what motivates our community building efforts in the first place.

I see this as very much from the ‘sense of community’ concept defined here. It sounds fuzzy, but there’s a lot of hard science behind it.

There’s certainly plenty of food for thought in that link. But it would be great to hear in your own words why you feel invested in community building on either a philosophical or a pragmatic level.

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