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Inner source agile and devops

Do they intersect? How do they intersect?

Meeting Summary:

Inner Source is Open Source within an organization (open within the organization, but not open outside of the organization).

There are cultural similarities and differences between Agile and DevOps.

Open Source Methodology within a company is a good thing.

It is a good thing for organizations to use open source tools.

Big Enterprises need a cultural shift in order truly use Agile and DevOps.

There is a huge gap in most enterprises between what they consider Agile and DevOps, and what these terms intend.

Inner Source and Agile are being used at National Instruments because it makes them more effective.

DevOps and Open Source can learn from each other.

Some of the noted elements of discussion:

The term ‘Meritocracy’ can leave a bad taste in mouth. Do-ocracy might be a better term. If you determine it needs to be done, do it.

Resource that might appeal: “Transactional System Administration Is Killing Us and Must be Stopped”

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Here are my notes from this session. The notes are a bit unorganized, appologies.

OSS, Agile, DevOps = How are they related? How can they help eachother?

Inner source vs Open Source: when to choose which?

Devops is or isn’t connected to open source
Agile and devops may differ because agile Definition of done differ’s
Open source doesn’t necessarily have real saw deadlines

Do-ocracy vs Meritocracy
Gets rid of the connotation that effort is based off of where you came from and were given extra opportunity

So maybe you went to extra schooling or ninjas extra opps with teachers years ago, or our rig parents gave u extra opps to get extra time to code

Instead, focus on the WANT. The WANT to help. If you try to DO, it’s a huge sign that you mean goodness and can be taught.

IT operations movement into development

Wikipedia example to non techies

Gamification of “good” code submits;
Reviewers of code

Allow any community member to reviews and “ok” code. It gives them ownership and a pat on the back and trust and towards a community run environment

Similarities And differences of open source and devops
Cultural similarities def exist; while also processes and goals differ
Any one can be done without the other

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