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Input requested: simple way for communities to ask us questions?

Hi All,

I would like to figure out a simple means of community projects tapping the collective insight here on the forum. The kind of use case I am thinking of here is that a project wants to accomplish a goal, or simply doesn’t know where to start in building a community, and wants to have a simple way to solicit some guidance.

A proposal

This is what I am thinking might be a good start.

Firstly, I will create a Ask An Expert category here on the forum. I will then create a post template (this is text that appears inside a new post within that category) which helps the poster ask a decent question.

A rough draft of what this template might look like:

:pencil2: Thanks for asking a question! Please replace the [square sections] below to ask your question. Be sure to stay tuned to the topic for answers!

Your Community: [add it here]
Purpose of the Community: [add it here]
Community Website: [add it here]

Your Question

[replace this with your question]

I will then enable the Accepted Answer Plugin so the user can then accept a particular answer in the thread.

We can then reach out to different communities to invite questions.

Thoughts, feedback, recommendations?

so basically you will introduce something “à la” Stackexchange?

That’s kind of what I am thinking.

I am thinking that it would be neat for this forum to valuable to two distinctive groups:

  1. Community managers and leaders - these are the bread and butter of the forum who have extensive combined experience.
  2. Community members - people who enjoy being part of communities but would like to consume the experience and expertise in the group above.

For the latter, I think we will need a crisper way in which they can consume this advice, so I was thinking this category and post template approach could be an interesting way of exploring this.

Of course, I have no idea if this will work. Maybe I create it and we see what kind of takeup we get?

let’s try. but I am not sure that the forum is already known enough.

Cool. Of course, it may be an absolute :bomb:, but I think it might be worth a shot. :slight_smile:

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