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Integrated GitHub project management with ZenHub

Hi Everyone,

For those of you building software communities using GitHub, have you tried ZenHub?

It is essentially a project management tool that integrates pretty seamlessly into GitHub. It is similar in some ways to Waffle.io, but I find it integrates much more neatly and it fills some gaps that are really missing in GitHub.

It looks a little like this (note how integrated it is into GitHub’s core UI):

Here it provides your usual Kanban style view, which are mapped to issues.

You can also view milestones as burndown charts which I always find an incredibly useful tool:

Anyone tried it or use similar tools?

It looks like Trello, actually

It is similar in some ways, but much more deeply integrated into GitHub.

I’ve used ZenHub before. Was a pretty good tool. My problem was, since it’s browser plugin based, I lost all it’s tools when I was on my phone, or tablet, or happen to need to use Safari on OS X temporarily.

Ahh, they don’t have ZenHub support for mobile devices?

Not since the last time I used it. Full cross-platform support would definitely make me try it again. I don’t like working on a mobile device but sometimes when you’re in event season, you don’t have much choice.

I entirely agree. I think there should at least be a way to view the content, if not write to it. Any Zenhubbers want to feed into this?

Hi Jono, Matt from ZenHub here, completely agree with you re mobile access! Both Safari, web and mobile are coming soon (in that order!)


Here is a more up to date screenshot as well - we have progressed a lot since the one above :slight_smile:

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You must be using Google Alerts =)

Thanks for the info. Looking forward for those future platforms.

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Nice! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

I realize this is an old thread now, but I haven’t found a better place that discussed ZH, I was wondering how mobile support was going? Cheers.

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