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Is anyone moderating forum posts?

Quite a few spam posts in recent days @jonobacon (unless you’re planning a kitchen refit) :wink:

Can we do something about this, please?

I just pinged Jono about this so we should have this sorted shortly.

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We released an Akismet plugin to help since we were seeing a lot of spam every day. It’s open source under the MIT license. It may help here as well. :slight_smile:

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Nothing like putting together kitchen flat-packs to build community…


It is not hard to flag spam posts and we can all do it. Takes just a moment and helps the whole community.


Sorry about this folks. It is getting sorted now. :slight_smile:


please upgrade your discourse! there is a great new feature in the latest discourse version that prevents the posts of TL0 (read: brand new) users from being sent out in digest emails. Problem solved!


@jonobacon Can we do this upgrade and perhaps add the Akismet Spam Plugin for Discourse?

Terribly for the spam, folks. I have emailed our sponsor (Discourse Hosting) to ask them if they can get akismet installed or something to get rid of this. I will let you know what they say. Thanks for your patience!

Hi All,

DiscourseHosting said they don’t do anything different for our forum than any others, yet we seem to be getting more of this kitchen spam. I am looking to how we can blacklist them, even though I keep blacklisting individual spammers.

If anyone knows how to effectively do this in Discourse, guidance is welcome.


Akismet can help with this, @jonobacon. They just rolled out their version on try.discourse.org and meta.discourse.org


We never found a way to do this without the plugin; but we start everyone at TL1, TL0 users are more restricted so it may be worth making sure new users are at TL0. (TL = Trust Level).

Yeah I think we just need Akismet installed and adjusting the TL

It is now installed and the spam has since gone. :slight_smile:

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!