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Job Titles and Descriptions

It doesn’t seem like there is much alignment across companies concerning which departments Forum Moderators fall under, and what Job Titles and Job Descriptions are used. I’m currently working on an effort to align the Job Titles we use in-house for our Forum Moderators at Symantec and am very interested in hearing what everyone else is using at other companies.

This is the job description we use for the Regional Community Manager:

Regional Community Manager

Moderate all new content on the regional Norton Community Forum on a daily basis. Ensure the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service are being adhered to and if they are not, take appropriate action to remedy the situation which include moving and removing forum messages, deleting spam, editing inappropriate content, and ensuring private customer information is not publicly visible. Foster an open, friendly, vibrant, and supportive community of Norton users. Monitor the forum for emerging product issues. Notify the appropriate team members when new issues are found. This may include troubleshooting defects, technical writing, submitting defects in an internal defect tracking system, and working directly with Product Engineers. Translate identified content from the English forum into the regional language.

Which Job Titles/Descriptions do you use?


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You should also have a look at this discussion:

My personal feeling is that “Community Manager” is much more than “just” moderating a forum. And someone applying might expect more than that even with the job description.

There are specific job titles like “Social media manager” or “PR specialist”. So why not something like “Forum manager”, “Regional Community Specialist”? Or even keep the simple but efficient “Forum Moderator” you are already using?

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Hi @ttoine

Thank you for recommending that other thread! Reading over it, it’s very clear that there is no industry standard. Every single person is using a different title. And as @matt the headhunter said, it makes it difficult to filter out the noise. I think we need a standardization. We should be using titles that if I saw it on a resume I’d know exactly what that person did.

For example: What’s the difference between a “Community Architect”, a “Community Developer”, a “Community Moderator”, and a 'Community Administrator"? I think there are differences, and it would be nice if the industry could agree and use titles that can be utilized across companies and industries.

I still look forward to hearing what titles others use, and the job descriptions associated with those titles. I’m sure there are other managers who have had this discussion with their HR representatives.

Hi Dave & all

I remember having this conversation several times at CLS events. It was usually difficult even to get collaboration in the room, let alone in the outside world! I would love to see some standardization, but I think it will only happen organically, and the roles themselves keep changing as industries and social media change.

I’m actually giving a talk on roles & responsibilities at Open Source Leadership Summit in about two weeks. I’ll bring up job titles as a discussion point and report back. (bug me if I don’t)

For what it’s worth, I have gone from Community Manager to Community Architect and tried Community Engineer, but really the title doesn’t seem to matter as much as what the title is supposed to accomplish - identify what my role is. My role in my two major projects has been highly variable and “gap-filling” so nailing it down to a single title is very difficult. I thought about just calling myself “Friday” or “Jeeves” but not sure that translates well.

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Thanks @jefro! I’d love to see and hear your talk on roles & responsibilities. If you want another pair of eyes to look at your presentation while you prepare it, I’ll be happy to take a look and provide feedback. I’m all about collaboration and community.

I imagine in other large-scale corporations there are “Job Titles” and “Business Titles”? “Job Titles” are more flexible and we can change them easily to reflect the work we do. “Business Titles” are more internal facing and have more to do with pay rate and grade scale. Is this true for others?

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It is difficult to standardise a job that is quite recent, even for the IT business. Plus:

  • We are in a fast moving industry
  • B2B and B2C or niche markets manage their communities at different scales, with different tools

Here is a link to the talk I did at Open Source Leadership Summit. Keep in mind it is geared toward large-scale collaborative open source projects, so the ideas are not immediately applicable to all communities. Good topic for CLS in May.

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Thanks @jefro! I’ve downloaded it and will read it later. How do you think your presentation went? Was it well received?


Thanks for sharing, @jefro! I’m new to community management, and the roles and responsibilities that you defined definitely help by giving me some language and structure to work with.

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