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Keynote 2016 by Christina Keelan: “How do I fit into this community?” and Imposter Syndrome

RethinkDB community manager. Has fostered community for two and a half years.

Imposter syndrome quite common: feelings of inadequacy even when there’s evidence that it’s not true.

Research on it started in late 1970s. Now known to be equally present in men and women.

Should be recognized, and be willing to talk about it with team. If unaddressed, can foster stress and depression.

Embrace positive feedback, thank and believe the person.

If you need help, seek out a mentor. Talk to team. You may well find that others feel that way too.

Accept that you can’t do everything.

Other things that can be scary

Metrics: be honest with leadership and find out what they expect from their communities, figure out what you can measure to show progress. Different things work for different companies and teams. Start to track early, before you have a really big community that’s hard to track. Maintain honest communication with leaders.

Burn-out: things that can sneak up on you and hurt both mental and physical health. Recognize symptoms (difficulty concentrating, depression, etc.). Don’t wait till you hit rock bottom. May need to take a day off, work from home a bit. Big brain shift to go from the office to a meet-up and being gregarious. Disconnect from social media and the Internet sometimes. Taking a walk can reset your brain. Find a friend you can be open with.

Focus on what you do best, which is community management itself. Does your community have what it needs?

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