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Keynote 2016 by Clay Smith: Communities and Games

Clay Smith, New Relic

New Relic active in many developer and ops communities.

Have run experiments in those communities. Questions asked are valuable.

What engages developer communities? Created a card game for Node.js community with in-jokes and observations about the community. People were tweeting about it. Could get introverts talking and networking.

What are the best metrics for communities? Want to get people talking to each other. Don’t yet know how to measure that. Google Ngram shows changing frequency of word “community” in books, which is on the way up with some dips.

How do we maintain an authentic voice? Complicated when you have a commercial relationship as well. Can be promoted by laptop stickers. Used well even by Microsoft, where it reflects a real culture change there.

How do we grow communities? You need to change if your community lasts a long time.

How do we inspire people? Tried getting a drill (CNC machine), making a Jenga block toy.

What’s the next step for community leaders? At CLS.

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