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Keynote 2016: Leading an Open Source Project

Keynoter: Tessa Mero
Developer Evangelist, Cisco

Has been a teacher, mentor

Important activities:

Encouragement. Example: bringing back a person who had dropped away for a while. He seemed impressed that somebody noticed he had stopped contributing; soon he started up again.

Follow through: if you make promises, keep them.

Take charge: step up and offer to do things yourself.

Transparency: critical to maintain trust and faith in you. For instance, Joomla! does public reports, including financial reports, public mailing lists, announcements. Heard elsewhere: “Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.”

Effective communication. OK for people to disagree, so don’t get offended. Remember that English is a second language for many people. Check what they mean before taking offense. Good to go out together with people to form bonds. You can disagree while remaining friendly.

Say thank-you. Pumps up motivation.

Be positive, even when acknowledging problems with the organization.

Create a culture of respect. Be a model for respect for each other, and others will pick it up. If you don’t, people will disappear from the community.


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