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Let's Make an Awesome Glossary

OK, folks. I have a fun little project for us.

On the new Knowledge Base we have a glossary - you can see it http://knowledge.communityleadershipforum.com/doku.php?id=glossary - this was highlighted at CLS as something that would be a helpful resource.

A glossary is not very useful without terms, so I would like to encourage everyone to head in and contribute.

How To Help

Doing so is simple:

  1. Go and register at http://knowledge.communityleadershipforum.com/doku.php?id=start&do=login
  2. Head over to the Glossary page at http://knowledge.communityleadershipforum.com/doku.php?id=glossary
  3. Click the Edit this page button.
  4. Ensure it doesn’t say someone is already editing it, and then add in your glossary terms.

Thanks, everyone!

Thanks for getting this started, Jono. I added a few definitions. It would be great if each term could bear a URL so that people around the Web could link to it when they use a term.

Thanks, @andyo! Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

Links to individual terms work–sort of. I have noticed a problem that makes linking to terms unappealing. When I enter a URL like the following into my browser:


I get taken to a point in the document below the term. Positioning is just bad enough to discourage people from linking to terms.

I’m getting this behavior on several browsers on a Mac running El Capitan: Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. I suspect that the problem is caused by the forum inserting a title bar across the top of the page.

Is there some way to change the behavior?

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