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Managing Global Community Teams

Notes from today’s session:
== Remote Teams
Chloe located in Seattle, Lionbridge, managed company sells community team infra and
people, lots of work in game space,
skype calls, hangouts, yammer,

Carey from Adobe
team entirely remote, not without challenges, CLS is team gathering,
Lisa , distributed teams in drupal community, time zone challenges,

Josh, Game company, works remotely, some people on site, customer
support remote, looking for challenges to overcome,
Sonja, Alumni organization, all volunteer based, sign for america,
connect people once they left college, stay connected when moving
across the US, dfa collab, role of community builder, all remote in
different places over the US, try to grow org quickly, support for
each other is all digital, ways to make sure to work cohesively, all
volunteer based - 6 hours a month
Shawn - document company 123 from Portland, works remotely, starting a
brewery in seattle, wants to foster community around that business,
tools slack, trello
tim, loudmatters, all remote, all clients remote, join.me, help non
profits use salesforce, all former non profit people, decided to use
home based dev and teach them salesforce instead of finding west coast
experts, closest knit team he has ever worked with, lives in Montana,
coinbase - bitcoin based company, support team remote completely,

  • what tools?
  • using video chat?
  • frequency of meetings
  • spot checking …
  • miscommunication

skype for chat and calls, daily 15 min audio scrum call, weekly
meeting with manager
live chat, proliferation of tools, community forum (discourse)
schedule team around time zones,
deputy - sort of like a shift replacement tool
first come first served
issue of casual and pajamas, team that did all the work, high
performance team, could not back paddle on flexibile time scheduling
everyone is used to phone, phone with screen sharing,
clients can see notes in meetings, private notes separate, cloudcoach
(on top of salesforce platform)
non video meeting- challenge that people are paying attention, ask
them directly
flat team, nobody tells everybody what to do, people are connected,
people wish to have social time,
work on visioning, figure out what we want to do, 30 people, IRC
yearly in person meetings at loudmatters,
praise and stuff on video work better than without
yammer or chatter … internal community like facebook
springboard, springpad?
meetbot, eavesdrop for irc achiving
slask - hubot
sometimes work together as a pair working together, but remotely
take aways:

  • tools
  • when working on global teams, something that feels like tapping
    someone on the shoulder
  • scheduling and setting up expectations

We use a combo of

Podio & Skype

We try to stay out of email.

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