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Many thanks to our sponsors!

Hi All,

I just want to say a huge thank-you to the sponsors for this year’s event! More information on the Community Leadership Summit is at http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com/

These wonderful sponsors include:

Everyone here has been instrumental in helping to support the event and doing it within the spirit of an open, accessible, event that seeks to grow the knowledge and network of community leaders and managers. Many thanks!


Thank you to all the sponsors!

While I can’t make CLS this year, as a long-time ApacheCon conference committee member, I know how important it is for open source communities to thank the various sponsors that help pay for events, hosting, and other services. It’s amazing how far a simple thank you - especially if you meet someone from a sponsoring company at an event - can go.

Yes, you may be like Apache and insist that sponsorship monies don’t translate to influence or leadership within your community; that’s fine. It’s still good to thank your sponsors, and to do so publicly somewhere.

Think of it from the perspective of the person signing the sponsorship check: thanks pages like this one (especially if they get replies or a personal thanks) are the tool they use to convince their managers to sponsor your event next year too!

Thanks, @ShaneCurcuru, indeed our sponsors really do help to make CLS happen. When I talk to sponsors though, they agree that they are not buying airtime but are really supporting the execution of the event, as such, all of our sponsors really do contribute within the spirit of the event. :slight_smile:

Thanks to for being the kind sponsor for this forum!