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Moving from Intention to Action Group Notes

Hosted by Megan O’Leary & Monique Dupre of Idealist.org

Version of a 3Q exercise, see more about this model of conversation here

contact Megan or Monique for questions or to talk more

Personal - when you have an intention and have stumbling block.
Will facilitate a conversation.
3 questions:
1) What you care about - what do you want to do for the common good?
2) What is stopping you or getting in your way?
3) What would help you take the first/next step – others will listen to help others

  • Results around education. Getting 50K volunteers. Barrier is not knowing if this is the right number.
  • Great at planning but action doesn’t happen. What is stopping us is not knowing what is stopping us – is it the tool set? Are we overcommiting? Cultural approach of tribal leadership…
  • A lot about individuals. Group is correcting factor. Contributor that is working with others creates accountability.
  • Managing against capacity - being direct about expected time commitment
  • Skills based project assignement
  • Overrecruit and have scoping session. What is the accountability agreement?
  • Mentorship?
  • Balance of having enough people to recruit from vs bar that is too high for recruitment.
  • Need more people to help with administration of program
  • Volunteers with named function is very helpful with putting agreements into place
  • Giving ownership to activity
  • Need for purpose and specific
  • Allow people to step out from positions before it is too late

*Ask people to call you out on whether you can actually do that

  • If you are the lead for the project you should not be assigned to tasks - learn to delegate

  • Don’t overcommit unless you have supporting team

  • Pause - wait to reply to someone about whether you want to commit to a project

  • Get people to record actual time

  • How do you manage your time - manage against overcommiting

  • People leave the room with a good sense of first/next step

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